Jawahar Knowledge Center

In the flattening world, India has become one of the important protagonists in the domain of information Technology. The state of Andhra Pradesh produces 4 lakh graduates every year.Estimates reveal that due to poor awareness of industry grade skills not more than 25% on Engineering graduates could be employed in the industry. Institute of Electronic Governance (IEG),a non-profit organization has been created by Govt.of AP to offer in the discourse of human resoures.JKC is an innovative & pioneering inintiative that attracts the best students from all over the state.JKC’s are operating in Engineering, MCA & MBA colleges keeping in view the large number of human of human resource demanda.NASSCOM predicts a large requirement of manpower in IT,ITES industries:hence JKC’s are extended to colleges.

Salient Features of JKC:

  • Benefits to Students
  • Carrer Awaraness / Planning Wokshops
  • Excellent trainig for 2-3 years
  • 200-300 hours training Spread ovaer three years
  • Focus to NAC Curriculum test
  • Campus Placements with major MNC’s
  • Industry Orientation

Guest Lectures 

CECG campus academic sources and resources are rich in every respect. Yet to reinforce the classroom knowledge and skills among the students, special guest lectures and presentations are delivered to them by the most eminent scholars both from the academic and industrial sectors.

Personality Development & Motivation

Development is a process. It is continuous. To facilitate the unparalleled personal development and excellence, one needs motivation and inspiration. The CECG campuses are sacred spots for personality development of the students. The students have an in-house Counseling Psychologist available to them around the clock!

Skills Training

Training prepares the students towards the professional work culture in the CECG campuses. To sharpen their skills special training schedules are planned and executed. Technical skills and soft skills prepare the students for life skills. Life Skills Education is unique in the CECG philosophy.

Video Conference

Global connectivity is a must in today’s processes of professional education. Learning, today, is not simply for getting a university license. Professional education in the CECG Groups prepares the students for the life career. For this the video conferencing facility is utmost useful. Students would develop a true sense of living in the global village. The CECG video conferencing facility is a real boon to the students.

Summer Internship

Scholarship acquires meaning only when it is wholesome. It becomes wholesome when it is applied. The applied aspects of technical and managements skills are given prominence in the CECG vision and therefore the students are nurtured with professional care during the summer internship sessions.

Seminars and Workshops

Since global professionalism is the cardinal principle in the CECG vision, right from the very early stages of learning the CECG students are trained and assisted to become versatile. They are guided to participate in various seminars and workshops to develop ease in presentations.

Industrial Visits

Owing to the ever growing scientific and technological advancements, the industry has become very dynamic and therefore the theoretical aspects alone are not going to assist the passing out aspirants. To bridge these gaps the CECG Groups organize Industrial Visits to provide hands-on-experience to the students and prepare them for being abreast of all skills.